Water Features

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Water features are one of the most useful tools for creating atmosphere in a garden. Water Features include a vast range of products, installations and design themes. The simplest is a pot of still water with a plant or two in it. By adding fish, moving water, cascades and waterfalls, fountains and multi pond systems, the feature will become more complex.

They can also be used to enhance unsightly or unserviceable parts of the garden such as dry areas under the roofline of the house. The white noise generated by moving water can also be used to block out unpleasant background sounds.

One important thing with water features is that they require some maintenance, and as with gardening, a neglected water feature soon becomes an eyesore and a hazard with stagnant water breeding mosquitoes.

Keep it simple initially. Install a smaller feature to test the waters. There are many stand alone features which require little more than a power point and a flat surface to sit on. These may be placed on a deck or paving surrounded by potted plants, or in the garden.