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Step 2 Measure Your Water Pressure

To work out how many and what type of sprinklers, pop ups or drippers, you’ll need to measure the water pressure on your garden tap. To do this, measure the time in seconds it takes to fill up a 9L bucket at your tap on full pressure. Then using the size of the bucket, which in our case was 9L, divide it by the seconds it took to fill up, then multiply by 60. For example, if it took 20 seconds to fill up then 9 ÷ 20 x 60 will give you the number of your maximum flow rate per minute. This will help you choose what products you need to irrigate your garden.

Claremont Renovation

A few days ago we received a call for a quote on a garden renovation in Claremont. This involved heavy weeding, a new retic system, lawn and a retaining wall. We completed the job in 2 days with a very happy client. If you have an garden renovations in Claremont please don’t hesitate to contact Westcoast Landscapers.

Step 1 Measure Up Your Garden

The first step is to measure out your garden. Then note your measurements down on some grid paper – make 1m2 in your garden equal 1cm2 on your paper to keep things easy. Draw out the map, including any obstacles in your garden such as trees. You can now work out how many metres of polytube you’re going to need for your irrigation system.

Landscaping Package Alkimos

Today we finished off the front and rear landscaping of a new build in Alkimos. This included a limestone side path, retic lines for the front and back and gardens and lawns for the rear and front. As Alkimos is on the coast we opted for hardy plants that suits the beach theme and can also handle the high salinity of the soil. The owner opted for artificial lawn for convenient garden maintenance which along with the hardy native plants works very effectively. To have your front and rear landscaping done please contact us via the enquiry form.

Reticulation Sinagra

Yesterday we finished a huge landscaping job in Sinagra which required a new retic fitout for the whole garden, new lawns garden beds and mulch. The old retic system was very out of date and had 3 faulty solenoids so they opted for a whole new line. This along with the mulch dramatically improved the water required to keep the garden healthy. We provide a variety of retic services in Sinagra if you would like more information please enquire via the contact form on the home page.

Landscaping Kinross

Today we received a quote for a backyard landscaping renovation in Kinross. This included a new lawn area around their pergola and a retaining wall and garden beds. We planted hardy shrubbery and a thick layer of mulch. The garden now looks great, is tolerant to the weather and very eco friendly. If you are after a quote for an eco friendly garden please contact us today.

Retic Box Maintenance Alkimos

 Today we did a retic box repair in Alkimos. It always pays to check your retic box coming into winter to make sure you’re not using more water than you need too. The retic box today was watering for much longer than it was programmed too and with a quick service we had it good as new. For all your retic maintenance and repairs call west coast landscapers today.

Gin-Gin Farm Retic

This week we spent the week building the retic lines for a large farm in gin-gin. This took the entire week and we laid kilometers of new retic line. If you are in the agricultural industry and looking at installing new retic lines or upgrading old ones don’t hesitate to contact Westcoast Landscapers as we cater to the rural agricultural industry as well as Perth based residential and commercial jobs.

Retic Servicing Alkimos

Westcoast landscapers have been completing many retic repairs and servicing in Alkimos with all the new properties being built. It is important with a newly built property to make sure your retic is working and running a few times a week to ensure your plants get the best possible start in your new garden. You can acquire permits to have extra and longer watering days for a newly established garden. For more information on retic servicing and repairs don’t hesitate to contact West Coast Landscapers.

Landscaping Alkimos

Today Westcoast Landscapers completed a landscaping job in Alkimos. This included a paved outdoor area, fresh nice new lawn and some limestone wall retainer garden beds. Giving your garden a landscaping makeover can have a huge impact on the value of your property and its aesthetic appeal. Westcoast landscapers provide a full landscaping package from start to finish. This includes planting, mulching, retic, paving, the lot. If you would like a quote for a landscaping package in Alkimos don’t hesitate to call Westcoast landscapers today.