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Retic Maintenance Landsdale

Today we completed routine maintenance of a retic system in Landsdale. This included installing a new box which had become faulty, replacing a few nozzles and removing a few blocks from the line. It is essential to inspect and check your retic line thoroughly before summer hits us in full swing. If you would like more information or help with your retic maintenance please use the website contact form.

Garden Renovation

This week we were kept busy doing a full front landscaping renovation.  We quoted the job last week and were hired on the spot. This included turf, retaining wall and new planted garden beds. It was a fantastic transformation.


Retic Checks

As it starts coming into the summer season, its very important ‘to check your retic systems to make sure there is no faults, blocks etc or you could quickly find your garden dying.

Retic Repair

Today I received a call from Anthony whos retic had stopped working and he wanted it fixed pretty much immediately. It was a busy day but I managed to fit him in on the way home and 2 hours later his retic was good as new. if you have any retic queries don’t hesitate to contact us via the website contact form.


New Turf Install

Today we installed a new turf for a regular client. We ripped out the old garden and put in a nice limestone wall and new turf. It looks fantastic


Retic Box Install

Today we did a new install and box repair for a client who had a problem with two power points in the house due to the installation of the controller. We called an electrician out for him and had both issues solved within a few hours.



Retic Repair Perth

Today we did a simply retic swap and repair in Perth. The system was old and pretty much falling apart. We installed some new lines and sprinkler heads and a new battery in the retic box and it was good as new. If you have an old retic system that needs upgrading call us today.

Retic Repairs Claremont

Today we completed a retic repair job in Claremont. It was an older house that hadn’t had a retic upgrade in 15 years and so there was many holes and cracks in the pipe. We were brought in to remove the old retic lines and install brand new ones. The job was completed within the day. If you have any retic repairs in Claremont don’t hesitate to call West Coast Landscapers.

Step 3. Buying The Correct Supplies

Buying the right retic supplies for your garden is step 3. Using good quality piping and lines will greatly increase the expiry date on your retic system. Bunnings and Total Eden sell quality retic supplies and if you have any issues planning your retic lines and system feel free to call West Coast Landscapers and we can help you and then install it.

Planning Your Retic

The first thing you need to do when planning your retic and landscaping for your garden is grab a pen and paper. Before you begin you will need to plot out your garden perimeter including any obstacles, and measure your water pressure to give you an accurate plan to irrigate your garden. Over the course of the next few blogs I will provide steps to adequately design and plan your reticulation system.